About Us

Every journey ​begins with a small step and at Stevenage Shopping we have taken the first step to bring you a hub for all things retail in the borough of Stevenage.

Apart from listing the shops, retail parks, shopping centres and markets, we will aim to show the latest offers and retail events in the borough from sales to seasonal offers and will publish articles of interest to the buying public.

Shopping trends, whats hot, latest fads, consumer advice and parking tips are just a few of the items we hope to bring you as we get this project off the ground.

This site will ​not only be aimed at ​bringing you information about the larger retailers or franchises but ​will hopefully make the public aware of the independent retailer or sole trader. If you fall into that category, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can include you in the directory and publish an article for you to make people aware of what you do.

More updates will appear in the Whats New or News pages so be sure to check back soon

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